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Originally Posted by ifly504 View Post
I have a ladybird, and a 929 already. The v202 flies very nice. It's no ladybird (although very similar), but I think that's more a function of the TX than the quad itself. Me likey very much.....
I didn't think it would topple the LB, but you're observation is similar to James' (who only got to fly it briefly due to the extreme cold). It's a good point you make about whether it's the controller that makes it fly so well or the RX.

Originally Posted by Jakk View Post
Mine arrived today, everything in excellent condition. Thanks MO, the charger was loose with the radio but everything taped down was AOK. I would try to wrap the radio in newspaper or bubble wrap and secure it so it doesn't bounce around in the box just as a bit of improvement for shipping but not a complaint, just fyi. Took me a bit to figure out the startup proceedure but once that was completed and the calibration process done on a level surface it flies great. It's pretty busy in a smaller area but in larger spaces it's right at home. I run 8 packs through it now and get about 8 min flight time. Rudder response/speed is quite slow compared to the MQX and the QR1 but not a big deal. I haven't ran on 80% yet so that may be much better there, I run 60% in my garage and that is perfect for that area (26x26)
Can't wait to get it outside but it's snowing here at the moment so that will have to wait.

All in all though very pleased, thank you MO...
Thanks for the feedback Jakk. We had to rush to get these all out ASAP and packing these aren't as easy as the retail Mini Pets, so we're learning. We also didn't have to carry much packing supplies as the Mini Pet didn't need any. Bubble wrap will be on the supplies list and thankfully the smaller boxes are on their way from USPS. Eventually we'd like to get the quad inserts made for us vs having to make each one.

I fly at 80% rates inside and out when I'm not flipping, but I'm just at home flying at 40-60 as well.

If you call could try the 25C batteries in your other quads and let us know how you like them we'd appreciate it. We have 300 on order now that we know they're good.
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