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Well, I'm back from another unsucceful search.

Thanks to you all for your support and advice. I would have to agree with pretty much everything that was said here.
I did not have enough experience, that's obvious given the results, but before this flight I thought I had it
I wasn't at ease with the location before the flight, I didn't like that there were people around, thats why I shoot on christmas day that the plaza was closed, nor the fact that I could not see far because I was surrounded by buildings. I never thought I would loose the quad like that. I should have listened to my guts.
I am very happy that nobody got hurt, it could have ruined someones life.
I would be much more careful in the future selecting my locations, if and when I get on the air again, thats for sure.

I live in a third world country in the caribbrean, unfortunately I dont have someone who can teach me so it was all by myself. I probably own(ed) the only quad in the island!
for us to access that kind of technology is very hard, we don't earn in dollars here. So for my family is a serious set back, even if the amount of money lost is not huge in the big picture. we were hoping to be starting a new business, even if it was a small one.

I don't think you need a top end rig to get decent pics for realstate, I'm not talking hollywood. But having some safety features will be in my wish list for my next bird
Again thanks to all
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