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Originally Posted by siriusflier View Post
HeliPad, I ordered an X1 board and some motors, just recieved them last week. Plan on building a quad with them. Meanwhile, I put the board on a V929 and am using a T9x tx. It binds and I can fly it with the 9x, but elevator and aileron are switched-elevator is left and right on right stick, and aileron is forward and backward on right stick. I thought I could rotate the board to fix that, but it went crazy and just flipped over when I tried it.
Have you tried binding your x1 to a 9x?
Yes, I did, and it flew just fine. Anyway, instead of rotating the board, you should look at the 9x channel assignments, and invert the channels if necessary. Sounds to me that in your model definition, you have the Ail and Ele on the wrong channels.

I know the basics, but I'm not very good with programming my 9x. I have copied my files from someone else. But if necessary, I could dig deeper. If you have a 9x model for your V929, they should be the same for the X1. I was able to bind my V949 Tx to the X1. And you know that the V949 Tx cannot be programmed.
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