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Ron, im glad to see that this dream of yours is back on track. Iv been contemplating selling mine also as i dont have the will to finish it. I wish i had someone close to me that could finish mine for me too. I think im also an arf type of guy now. if fact iv got like 3 other arf's still unfinished. Which way do i go?
Thanks much Simon, I would put out the word out that your looking for someone to finish the project for you. Pay them a few bucks or buy them a plane they have been wanting. There has to be a buider in your area. The yellow twin ARF is now out of production but was $5000 dollars... just a new kit with all the goodies will set you back $3000 so once it's gone you may never have another. To this day when the subject of best flying and looking F-18 comes up on the other site the yellow twin is always top of the list. Christmas morning at 5 am I woke and the voice in my head said contact Corsair Nut (brent) and we worked out the deal. That was my Christmas present.
You can find someone, just ask around.

If for IAF you mean Italian Air Force...that makes me proud, but yes, we don't have F-18's in our fleet.
About the 346...we don't have them yet but in the future...who know

Gianluca! hey my great grandparents left italy in 1906.... Guiseppie and Clemintina Romiti. My dad has the name of the village, I'll find out, maybe you live close by. I would love to visit it someday and see where my roots come from. They came to mine gold in California... but that ended up being coal, then farmers.
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