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Hi Dazzer,

Welcome on the wet side!

The only cat with this dimensions I could find is this one:
Is this your boat?

The seller offers little more info, so if you would be so kind to show us some pictures and list what goodies came with the boat, we could comment on that.

Judging by the pictures on the site, it's a stunning looking hull, most likely made from vinylester and rather underpowered with a 3674 1620Kv motor on 12 cells NiMH(?).
On 14,4V (really, are you running it on NiMH?), a 1620Kv motor will give you barely 21.000 rpm at the prop under load, which is at least 10.000 rpm shy of what most cats this size have.
Running the motor on 6S Lipo would be a nice set-up, provided the motor and ESC can handle it.

This version is clearly a beginners set-up.
Whitout having seen it run and with pictures of the bottom, it's hard to say if upgrading is worthwhile.

If the silicon tubing is routed like in these pictures, you'll have the infamous 'half motor' cooling, the outlet has to be on the highest point to avoid trapping air in the motorcooler:
If the motor is indeed a Feisuda, it's a two pole motor that requires a perfect cooling to avoid overheating.
Change the tubing prior to running the boat!

If the motor is a Feisuda, it's either a 3660-1620Kv or a 3674-1660Kv, see the data on the site:
As usual, the Chines can't copy data very accurately...

Regards, Jan.
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