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Originally Posted by modisc View Post
I forgot to talk about the tenique of how to achieve the best copper fill, after you have choosen the wire size.

I am gonna label the 12 teeth of the stator as from T1 to T12. I will be using single-tooth-single-direction winding technique, so each tooth is winded with one wire of appropriate length, which you will be able to estimate since you know how many turns will be eventrully on that tooth.

1, Finish the 1st layer on T1.
2, Finish the 1st layer on T3
3, Finish the 1st layer on T2. Then do the 2nd layer on T2.
4, Finish the 1st layer on T5
5, Finish the 1st later on T4, Then do the 2nd layer on T4
6, Do the 2nd layer on T3, if possible. Or maybe there is no more room for a 2nd later on T3, which is commonly the case.
Then keep going like this...

1,the 2010 year limited edition of HK4225 in the market,12N8P,single strand of 1.3mm,10T(which is actually 12T),delta,610Kv,
Copper fill/copper cross section area in one slot:15.72mm^2(100.00%)
2,Powercroco's HK4225 ,12N10P,single strand 1.32mm,6+7T,YY,541Kv
Copper fill:17.78mm^2(113.10%)
3,Powercroco's HK4225,XXXX,single strand 1.5mm,5+6T,X,XXX
Copper fill:19.42mm^2(123.54%)
4,My HK4225,12N8P,single strand 1.45mm,6+7T,delta,XXXKv(585?)
Copper fill:21.45mm^2(136,45%)

By the way, i personally donot prefer LRK on this sized motor. One main reason is that LRK will surely contain multiple layers of winding (at least 3 layers), which does not look good to me. Another reason is that LRK will have less copper fill comparing with dLRK, by my winding technique and from my experience. I am sure that there are other opinions about this issue, but to note that I am always talking about approaching the best possible copper fill. So it is possible for LRK to have better copper fill than dLRK when using 0.6mm wire on this motor; but the copper fill achieved by using 0.6mm wire will not be even close to what i can achieve using 1.4mm wire. Using the above 4225 for example, using LRK will only get 12 turns or even less in each slot, and the coils will not look pretty; while dLRK can have 13T.
well, this is 4020 Scorpion stator I did myself , 13*1,32 mm LRK (DD):

I've had it rewound to 14 turns 1.4 mm, LRK DD (left),and 2*LRK (right) ( for use with 2 separate controllers), by a more experienced "winder" :

I calculate those new winds to about 21.5 mm2 copper fill...

See this thread :

Impressive wind for a first try though... Oh, and here is what I lost on those first tries :

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