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Originally Posted by turboparker View Post

What's the coldest temp you've flown in? Ever have any trouble with foam or plastic parts getting brittle?


I've flown at -10F, had no trouble with foam or plastic parts. My greatest worry is the insulation on the wires. I've been warming it up in the car for a few minutes before changing batteries. I had to rewire one of the aileron servos after the wires broke exiting the wing. I can imagine a mid-air fire if the ESC wiring fails!

The other problem is ice-up after landing in deep snow. I had to quit recently after the elevator servo quit traveling full range. It worked fine after defrosting. The keychain camera lens gets packed with snow. I've been meaning to cover it with plastic food wrap.

I'm only getting about 12 minutes flying from batteries that gave me 30 minutes during summer - I'm not sure if that's due to cold or the addition of the Vtx.

I've tried helicopters in the cold a couple of times and fried two E-flite circuit boards when I brought them in to change batteries. Snow melts, circuits short and the magic smoke escapes. The EasyStar II is a little safer since the electronics are enclosed.
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