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Originally Posted by kingsflyer View Post
OK, so I guess my fat fingers have gotten the best of me. I broke the ply elevator servo mount 3 times fitting my HS-65HB servo and CA'ed it back together 3 times. When I tried to fit it in the nacelle, it rubbed the motor wires and the elevator pushrod looked like a dogs hind leg before I could get it to operate without dragging.

With apologies to Scott, I just did not like that installation. I finally took the servo and mount out of the pocket and mounted the servo through the lower left side of the nacelle. I used hot melt glue to secure the servo. Now I have plenty of room for all the wiring and the elevator pushrod is a straight shot. Servo electronics are all CorrosionX coated and the servo output shaft has a healthy coat of Vaseline to seal it up.

I know one of the most endearing things about the original Polaris was that it was always being modified to fit each individual owners needs. In that vein, I have included some pictures of my elevator servo mod for your consideration.

That approach should work fine and it's under the nacelle, so won't show.

But I can assure you that the elevator installation works exactly as shown in the Guide, though I have to admit that the plywood is a bit fragile. Suggestion to anyone who hasn't done it yet: Reinforce the thin frame of the plywood with some strands of CF or a bit of lightweight glass cloth. Once it's hot glued to the servo everything is solid. (I broke one of mine too and tried CA. It wasn't strong enough.)

The pushrod goes in following the existing slot. I opened up the hole slightly with a rat tail file. Then you insert the servo on its mount and line up the pushrod. It takes a bit of patience to get everything aligned and to Dremel out the necessary space for the arm to rotate, so there's a lot of taking out and putting back. It took me under an hour in total to get everything adjusted to my satisfaction, glued in place and working smoothly.

Adjusting the pushrod is easy as long as you have a suitable 1.5mm Allen wrench.

Hint: I didn't do enough carving out of foam to make room for the motor wire connectors. It all worked OK in the end but would have been easier if I had made more room for them ahead of the servo compartment (see first picture). In the second picture you can just see something of the extra space created with a Dremel to allow the arm to move freely. Note that the servo mount is up against the plywood spine of the Polaris at the rear. I added hot melt glue to the joint.

So take your choice. The "official" way works fine and makes for a very neat job, but the approach Kingsflyer took should be easier.
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