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Ultra: The Video

Here at last is the video.

Sorry it's not great. My usual skilled camera person (wife) was not available and my six-year old helper, visible in the pictures has not yet been trained to manage the camera (he did the retrieving when necessary). So I had to resort to a hatcam and then didn't get it on straight. Will try again over the weekend with a real person holding the camera and zooming so it's more than a dot in the sky. Here's the best extracted from about 7 minutes of flying.

As you'll see from the so-so landings, I haven't quite got the feel for the Ultra yet. Also, I need to adjust the control rates to give a bit more elevator, a lot more rudder and a little less aileron on the normal flight mode. The lack of rudder throw was what got me on that first takeoff attempt, that plus very soft snow that allowed the tip to dig in. Also cross wind.

I think, too, that the CG needs to be slightly further back. It was just ahead of the step and next time I'll get it right on the step, as called for in the Construction Guide.

The handling is very nice. It's definitely Polaris but not your usual Polaris. It's distinctly more solid which goes nicely with the streamlined shape and makes for smooth flying. So far on the one flight I've had, I only managed some touch-and-goes, a couple of loops and some rolls (not visible in the video) and all were easy and smooth. Blame the pilot for any that weren't!

I haven't had a chance to measure current yet, but it's obviously quite moderate with the 3s battery/3 blade 8x6 setup, as I flew for 7 minutes on a 2200 battery and still had about 4 minutes left. I plan to try 4s next time and will get the Eagletree hooked up to measure current. So real data to come.

Quick summary. I love the Ultra for its looks and smooth flying. It won't replace the others in the series for me, but it will have a central spot in the lineup. Now off to learn to fly it properly!

Polaris Ultra Maiden in the Snow (2 min 31 sec)
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