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I'm 58, just to give you a reference here.

I'm a private pilot and skydiver, and spent the biggest part of my life as a drummer and musical arranger. So, aside from reading countless books, and later, using the internet to learn from others, I had no "formal" (college-style) training in 3D.

I started as soon as it was possible (late 1970's) as a programmer. (We all did, because there was no software.) Following NASA is what inspired my interest in 3D, but in those days, the only people who could do anything resembling what we have today were big agencies with supercomputers. I kept producing what I could, then sold my last commercial program in about 1992, and since then, have been strictly a user.

So, close to 20 years as a user of 3D software, with the vast majority of that directed toward aviation/aerospace. I started selling tutorials for RCers, and producing RC designs and UAV's in the mid 1990's, but have only exclusively supported myself with 3D modeling since about 2007. I've always been a freelancer, and choose not to try and work for big graphic companies. That is, as you'd expect, both great and terrible.

A friend of mine recently wrote this on Twitter...
"The best/worse things about being a freelancer are summed up by Mel Gibson, at the end of "Braveheart", when he screams "FREEEEEDOM", while being disemboweled."
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