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Progress (minor)

Well, I have to start somewhere!

I finally found a motor for my Lunar EV. I Picked up a second hand Neu 1509 1D/6.7S for a very reasonable price considering what they are new. He also threw in the 15x15 prop pictured. This has kind of lead me down the 3S path for now, but I'm sure with a prop change, 4S should be no problem. I don't think any of my existing batteries will suit, so I'll be shopping for batteries (again) anyway.

I also sourced some 3.2mm garolite G10 which I will be using to make a new motor mount with. On speaking with a friend more experienced with hotliners, it turns out that I don't need any thrust line offset like I would in any other model, so I'll just set it up for 0/0. That means that I could actually get started on the motor installation as soon as I find a suitable spinner. Don't expect a maiden flight report any time soon though, I've still got my hands full with FPV and 3D parkflyers... Later...

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