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Great ornithopters Kazu! The GosHawk 26iV particularly caught my attention because of it's motor and weight. I want to make an ornithopter with that same motor that has the capability of hovering continuously, so I have some questions about the GosHawk:

- I see you're supporting the spar of each wing with a metal wire. After having crashed the ornithopter a few times, have the impacts managed to bend the wire? I like the simplicity of this design but I worry about it's strength

- Has the crankshaft been bent after some crashes?

- What is the diameter of the wire the crankshaft is made from?

- What is the diameter of the wire that supports the wing spars?

- Do you know the static thrust that the wings produce at full throttle on a freshly charged battery?

- What is the flight time of the ornithopter in low wind conditions while doing no aerobatics and no gliding with a fully charged battery?

- Have you tried using a lighter material than EPP to make the wings, And if so, what have been the changes in performance?

Although this doesn't relate directly to the GosHawk what has been your experience with changing the tension of membrane wings and it's effect on stability? I've done some experiments with this and found that if there is a slight increase in static thrust there also a decrease in stability, maybe this has been the same in your case?

Anyhow good job on the ornithopters, you act as an inspiration for others
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