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Thermal Park Third Vector

Attached is a file of Thermal Park Third Vector.

This is a zipped file with one file inside with a file extension of .RFX. Remember the location of the unzipped file.

In Real Flight select the Simulation menu, Import and RealFlight Archive (RFX, G3X) see example below.

Navigate to where you saved the file and it should import with a confirmation message in the lower left of RealFlight.

Make sure you have the SuperGeeII model loaded (see Post #12). Once in the sim you should be standing there looking at three poles with mylar streamers and some trees in the distance. There is a light wind blowing directly from the trees. Thermals should start working their way through your field. Watch the streamers and you should be able to find the lift!

It'll take a bit to figure out the depth of field distance in the simulation but once you do you should see the SuperGeeII pitch, roll or yaw when flying through lift or sink.

SuperGee II Model Info:
The SuperGee has reflex and camber on the three position switch. Center is neutral, towards the front of the transmitter is camber and away is reflex. There are flaperons on the throttle stick with elevator compensation. CH7 has aileron to rudder mix that can be turned on/off. CH5 has dual rates for the ailerons and rudder.


Oh, and don't hit my truck!

Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. If you tweak the settings please share!

Happy New Year
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