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Well I just couldn't wait and got a chance to the 1st flight last night. I wasn't really finished installing my MicroScream2, a low voltage battery alarm & plane finder; so I only taped the top of the Universal Fuse in place. After all I'm not going to crash on the maiden flight, right? (Strike 1)

I used an 8X6 prop, just to keep it tame. Balance was fine. My Flash 5X is "filled" so I used the model setting I normally fly my SuperFly-E with. I went to the smaller field last night, it's closer. (Strike 2)

Cranked up the throttle and gave it a toss, off she went. Needed some trim to climb. Very quickly I realized the agressive throws and the little EXPO I fly my SuperFly-E with was getting me in trouble fast. I was flying like a drunk sailor, over correcting all the way. Down to the end end of the field pretty quick. Got her to climb in route, made a banking left turn and started the return leg. Wobbly and out! Lets just get this back and on the ground in one peice.

She really started to pick up speed and altitude. Before I knew it she was zipping along the boarder of this small field up at tree line. I turned her back towards the center of the field but hit a tree in the process.

There she was, about 40 feet in the air. A couple of kids were whacking golf balls nearby. 5 bucks got one kid to climb the tree. He tossed the plane out of the tree, down it came in a nose dive...right onto a paved walking path. (Strike 3)

Crunched nose, I'm sure if the top plate of the fuse was glued in place all would have been fine. Hey, I got the plane back...I was happy.

One servo was stripped and broke free from it's mounting. A bit of folded foam in the nose section. I regeared the servo, repaired the foam and re-mounted it. I ran all the wires needed for the battery alarm & plane finder last night. Tonight I'll glue on the top cover, and finish what needs to be done through a top access hatch later, since I'm still waiting for parts to build the MicroScream2.

If I had a free model setting on my radio, I would have cranked down the EPA and increased the EXPO for the maiden fault. I'm sure that would have tamed things down considerably.

I'm hoping to fly again Friday the big field, with adjustments made to the EPA and EXPO settings (I just bought a 2nd radio). And I'll bring along a 9X7 prop for fun, after I get the hang of this plane. Can't wait, should be a blast.

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