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Added weight is the bane of most smaller boats. Larger capacity \ higher discharge batteries usually weigh more, which can reduce the ablity to plane, throw off balance, screw up self-righting (although it can help it as well), and overheat the motor and ESC, so unless you can find a battery that's the same weight or lighter I wouldn't do it. Now you could convert to a 2S lipo, which would probably be alot lighter than a NiMH battery, but you run the risk of burning up the stock electronics.

You'll have to make an adapter to charge your stock battery with that aftermarket charger, you could buy a connector or cut and splice your original charger's battery lead. Really you should have multiple batteries so you don't have to charge between runs. You really should watch your run times though. My 7009's motor is always hot after a full run on the stock battery. If you're in colder climate, don't count on that cool running when summer comes.

I'm in the hobby biz now so we're actually going to carry an entry-level boat that's 2.4 Ghz and is self-righting, I'll announce it once it's in stock.
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