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Don't forget washout!! You can easily add it with a hairdrier!

Also note:

1. the purpose of washout is not to prevent tip-stall, but rather to allow ALL the wing sections to fly at optimal AoA w.r.t. the airflow which twists, that is, is more or less parallel to the up-tilted fuselage [note angles of nose Pitot tubes!] at the wing root, but parallel to the flight path at some distance outboard of the tips. [This came to me from the head of advanced design at Grumman].

2. because of the poor performance of airflows [L/D, etc] at these low Rn's, such small models as yours MUST have greater-than-scale washout, as our models have to fly at greater AoA's than fullsize. [Trust me on this].

so, for best performance, incl. L/D, power req., control & stability >
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