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Hello lovers of warm, thermal conditions, how are the phoenix's flying? Been away for four days over the christmas period, in Ballarat, central Victoria, and have had a mixed bunch of conditions. One afternoon with fantastic lift, a couple of days with strong southerlys and some nice quiet evenings and mornings too. Sorry if conditions aren't great in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment, but it is loverly down south. Unfortunatley I didn't take the phoenix with me, but my son made the most of the lift with his axn floater. Could not believe how it nearly disappeared from sight. Had a new flyer, my cousin on the sticks at the time and had to rescue the axn speck high above. Couldn't resist letting it get way up.
I flew the little rare bear, no room for the phoenix on this family trip, but had a great time in the big country skys.
Don't worry, the seasons will be as reliable as your phoenix, probably moreso, and the cold weather will move on. How about a scratch build? I am considering one, printed off the drawings today for the slipso 400, I got a bit of a speed itch at the moment.
Been following CONNELLMJ's build of the Watt's up 100in soarer as he holidays in Spain, sounds like the life if you ask me.

Looks like a nice plane too, a little more involved than the little slipso. You would have something on the go Viking 60? Well good luck to the new phoenix flyers and happy new year sorry rhampton, mine is not an evolution.
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