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Lockheed Martin Various

So guys, I've been a lurker in these parts for a little bit. I came here because I've always been in love with VTOLs since I was a kid. I think they're an ingenious solution which has never had it's chance to truly shine.

I had the idea that I wanted to bridge my quadcopter's abilities with an EDF jet for a long time now, but I've been taking my sweet time trying to sort the details out in my mind.

Then low and behold, Lockheed comes out with news that it's basically doing a tactical version of my exact idea.

So what can a lowly guy like myself do? I do think the principle is easy enough, however transitioning from VTOL to forward flight is always a challenge, and is an EDF capable of producing the trust necessary to transition in this manner? Even the retractable doors are easy enough.

I'd love to hear some opinions about what Lockheed is doing and if there is anyway to replicate a vehicle with similar abilities using hobby-grade parts and preferably without the need for a liquid fuel, keeping it all electric and hopefully most obviously, smaller than a tactical grade UAV haha.

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