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Originally Posted by Metman View Post
Hi All...

Just got my 16 with the red lens from Santa, whom I carefully educated. Did my homework, downloaded the GUI, got a Lexar 16 GB Class 4, charged it up, connected fine, did the format via the GUI, then it told me the firmware was out of date and to download it which I did and I followed the instructions in the software exactly. I tried to anyway, but the GUI page never exited automatically and I was left with a mystery as the camera would no longer turn on or connect. I did the reset procedure several times and that apparently didn't work either.

Now, on power up with the card in, I get a short burst of yellow flashing, then about 10 seconds later a red single flash and then nothing. My PC and GUI don't recognize it any longer.

Pressing reset, waiting 15 seconds, then powering up with the card out, the red flashes once and then nothing, whether connected to the PC or not.

I'm no expert but it seems the firmware either got corrupted or interrupted???
Is there a way to restart the whole process?

This light pattern behaviour isn't described in the manual, so I"m asking very kindly if anyone can tell me what it means?

Thanks muchly

You probably didn't follow the instructions exactly and started pressing buttons too quickly when you turned on the camera to load the FW (a common mistake).

Since the camera won't connect as a USB drive in this state, you'll need to be able to access the memory card external from the problem camera, e.g. with an external card reader in your PC, and do a manual FW update.

Download the latest v0.67 MOV FW from post #4 here, and copy the file (named FWMICDVR.BIN) to the root folder of the memory card (NOT in the DCIM folder, but along side of it). Then, turn the problem camera off, insert the memory card, and give the power button a quick press and let the camera sit for about 15 sec. It should flash the yellow LED very fast for a few seconds, then turn off, but DON'T TOUCH IT YET... it's still processing the FW! After another 6-7 seconds or so the red LED should blink once, then the yellow LED should come on steady. If all this happens as described, the camera should be restored and in standby mode, ready to use.

If it still does not function properly, repeat the process with the v0.49 AVI FW in post #4.

Report back here on the results.
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