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Yeah, if you can get to try them both out that would be best. You want it to feel natural in your hands and you want to see how easy the programming seems to YOU.

Personally I own the A9 and am extremely happy. I like that I don't have to use two RX boxes. I like the fact that there are no massive reports of the A9 having lockouts like I have heard about with the Spectrum. I also like the programming and find it extremely easy and intuitive. I don;t mess with the manual much at all.

I don't like that the A9 does not balance well (when it hangs on a neck strap it tilts so that the antennae side goes up. The antennae pointing down is the most natural position to hold a TX. So then you need to buy a balance adapter if you want to correct that. I personally use lipos in my TX so that makes the balance issue more pronounced. I had to make a special balance adapter for myself.

Having aid that I love my A9 at this pint. It feels great in my hands, it programs very easily. It works flawlessly. There seems to be no chance of a lockout. Oh, and the SPC connector allows you to keep constant power to the RX so if your BEC sags on you and you lose control of your servos, your RX will not lose its bind and will immediately work as soon as the BEC provides enough power to run the servos.

The update thing is a sore point. Having to buy the thingy to do updates is salty to the taste. But I have never felt the need for an update. It works great as is!

Oh yeah, if you do like to use Lipos for your TX, Hitec makes it easy as it runs on a 2 cell lipo. Spectrum has an unusual voltage need when compared to lipo voltage....
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