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Keeping things cool

Hey guys, I'm looking for ideas. I've done a number of electric warbird conversions and have had real good luck with most of them. I've run up against a bit of a head-scratcher though and am looking for suggestions. I'm addressing keeping the motor/ESC cool enough in a larger aircraft with an scale inline cowling. There is no problem with radial-engine cowling as you just cut an opening in between a cylinder or two on the dummy engine and run the air out the bottom of the cowl. I'm doing an ESM P-39 right now and I've got this thing ready to maiden. The problem is that all the scale air scoops/outlets are designed to flow OUT of the cowling, not in. Even the P-51 has the chin scoop that you can get air in to the cowl, but not this baby. I'm also putting the finish on the ESM JU-87D Stuka and the CMP Spitfire and am running into the same situation. Plenty of OUT through the bottom, as I cut small exits in the underside of the cowl. No IN though. About the only thing I can come up with on my own is to cut some inlets in the front cowl ring behind where the spinner would be and fly with a smaller sized spinner (say, going from a 5 inch spinner to a 3 incher) so that I can get some air in the front. Won't look too good at the scale fly-ins though. There's just something about flying a big scale model with a tiny little nose up front that I'm finding hard to live with. Any suggestions on getting some air IN?? Thanks, guys!!

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