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Originally Posted by FyreSG View Post
Thanks. Ok great, I'll find some nice TDR MCPX canopies for my V922. Daryoon made a great white/red TDR canopy for his V929. I like that color scheme. If only I could find a MCPX paper canopy with that design! It should work well for my V922 evening flights!

I have the impression that the bulleted blades are beginners blades as the weights help stabilize the helicopter but at the cost of agility. It seems otherwise for you. I can't wait for the slow China boat so I'm gonna buy some parts from my LHS. I suppose Mini CP blades (non-bulleted) would fit my V922. I like the Mini CP canopy, too bad it can't fit.

There is hardly any vibration on my V922. From my experience with larger helis, nailing down the source of vibration is a major pain in the butt! I hope I don't need to do that anytime soon.

I suppose your V922 tail does not wag? Would the Mini CP tail boom fit? How to replace the tail boom? Seems like I have to cut the wires, slot in the wires through the new boom, then resolder the motor.

Yes, the servos may not be fast enough, but from what I'm "hearing", it's the motors spinning up and down during rapid throttle stick movements (at Idle-Up). Idle-Up pitch range is +/- 11 degrees, which is a lot for bigger helis, not sure about micros though.

Why is this the most powerful brushed heli in its class?
My impression is that the KBDD blades are much more stable that the stock blades but the differences are not that great between the stock blades and high performance mCPX blades. The bullet blades of the V922 are quite different to the bullet blades of the mCPX, being noticeably thinner.

I don't know the exact pitch used but some 3D fliers use up to +/- 20 degrees. Compared with other 100 CPs, V922 seems to fly faster and there is less likelihood of the motor getting bogged down when inverted. This is why I think it is more powerful than the others. I would say it is definitely much more powerful than the mCPX and Genius CP and probably around the same power as the Mini CP.

The tail boom of the Mini CP is slightly shorted than that of the V922. What many do is to use a 2.5mm solid carbon fiber rod instead and wrap the tail motor wires around it. Many will also replace the stock wire with thicker wires at the same time such as 26 or 28 SWG. If you have a Blade vendor in Singapore, he will probably know what to do. You must be very careful when you make a replacement boom this way. You should make sure that there are no shorts before you use the boom.

Just listening to your heli in the video. I could not see any evidence of a lack of head speed. I wouldn't worry too much at this stage.
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