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Repaired broken tail boom with a spare V911 tail boom!

If I try to twist the tail boom, it turns.

The broken boom could causing the tail wag. I'm glad that I have a decommissioned V911 which had a faulty servo. I salvaged its tail boom to replace the broken on one my V922.

To remove the broken boom from my V922, I have to first remove the vertical tail fin. But it was glued together with the tail motor holder so I had to cut away the dried glue with a knife.

I don't intend to cut the wires as I suspect I have to replace the tail booms frequently, just like what I did for my V929. Removing the old tail boom is easy - simply break it completely. With that removed, I'm left with the tail fin and the motor holder. To remove the motor holder, just pull them apart. Now I'm left with the tail fin hanging on the wires.

The only way to remove the tail fin is to cut a tiny slit on each "square ring" on the tail blade. The square rings hold the tail fin to the tail boom. After cutting the slits I could pull the wires out.

Next, just insert the tail boom into the frame, put on the tail fin, then wrap the excess wires round the tail boom, then plug in the motor holder. Presenting... the V922 with an ugly tail boom!!!

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