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Stuart D10 ( yet another thread )

A reasonable human being will occasionally sit down and do nothing... just.. you know... relax... I always found that too boring, why relax when you can tinker ?? Make things !!! One of many things that caught my attention over the years are miniature steam engines.
Tesla coils, thermite, Wimshurst generators being other things that caught my attention...
Anyway, a few weeks ago i finally decided to "have a go" at building a miniature steam engine. Stuart Turner seemed like a good choice so $300 later I ended up with a set of castings and raw material.
Whole lot of fiddly small pieces that need to be machined... with... mills and drills and lathes and other machinery !!!! I hope they come with manuals and "how to" instructions.... I have seen people using them, I mean, how hard can it be ??
I thought that it would be a good idea to take some photos and share them with other members of this forum, seems like there is a lot of people here that know a thing or two about machining.
I'm hoping that I will be able to get some advice... Is 1200 RPM too fast for a reamer ??
So, two days ago I started, your comments would be appreciated
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