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These days, if you don't have a computer radio and want to fly a wing or delta, I would suggest getting a V-tail mixer and use it to get elevon mixing. They are cheap these days:

Much less hassle than mechanical mixing.

However, you may just be curious about the feasibility of separating elevator and ailerons on wings. Well, it's been known to work for planks, swept forward wings and deltas. Usually with the elevator set up in the center and ailerons on wing tips. I've built an experimental delta myself with this setup and it works great.

For swept-back wings, both elevator and ailerons want to be at the wing tips. Ailerons wants to be outboard for leverage and elevators wants to be rearward for the same reason. And for a swept-back wing both occupy generally the same space. If I were to try this I'd put the elevators on the wing tips with slightly inboard ailerons. That way, applying up elevator would get me automatic yaw stabilization.
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