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Originally Posted by henfri View Post

But now: What software do I use with it? The Manual of the Flyduino Mega speaks of the MultiWII, but browsing through the forums, I see, that Multi is somewhat lacking GPS features and is more made for manual flying. Well, I want to do both, so I don't know whether MultiWii is the right software. speaks of Ardupirates and -possibly in future Aeroquad as alternatives.

I've been searching over and over.. But I find little about Flyduino with these.
What I did find was a tutorial for flyduino with Megapirates.
But then, I see little activity at Megapirates google-site. On the contrary, I see MegapirateNG, which could be a successor ("NG"). But the website does not state this. Unfortunately it also does not say that is compatible with the flyduino -although in some forums, people seem to be reporting about this combination.

Could you please shed some light on this subject?

What Software is
  • usable with the flyduino
  • reccomended for just flying
  • recommended for waypoint navigation etc
  • reccommended for the combination
  • outdated and not further developed
  • in relation to what software (like Megapirates seems to be a fork of ardupirates)

Thanks a lot and merry christmas (to those of you, celebrating it ;-),
Hi Hendrik

never used ardupirates, but very happy with multiwii

Seems like you've read up on some older posts for MultiWii.

Multiwii is very much alive, with regular updates almost daily (currently in winter it's a bit slower though).

the newest versions can do GPS navigation. Not waypoint navigation yet , but return to home (RTH) and position hold (PH) work very good.

also baro hold (elevation hold) is recently been improved, and is very good now....

have a look at

latest dev release (much further than 'official' 2.1) can be found at

perhaps useful to have a look at turtoiseSVN to get easy updates.
The download section
is a good starting point (upto R1240), but then use turtoiseSVN to update to the latest dev version... (r1297 as per this moment)
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