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nice chris i saw the head turn! cool lol

not sure why it wont takeoff off the ground?
if you get abit of speed up and then pull back so he pushes the bar out (increasing aoa) it should lift straight off

i find getting abit of speed up first whilst keeping the bar in is the way to do it and then just push the bar out and the sudden increase in pressure will pop it straight up,
theres no need on concrete but longer grass takeoffs require it cus of the drag on the wheels, gotta get that front wheel to lift with abit of speed

and with the landings i try and reduce the power but not shut it off so altitude decrease and then when low increase it slightly to level off and then push the bar out when just about to touch down to flare and land slightly rear wheels first,
if power is off completely and decending all the way to the ground its likely to hit nose wheel first and tip over (especially on grass)

hope this helps

also have you found any springs yet?
i found when my springs were set in the wrong place (ie not even between the collets when at trim flying position) the aircraft would try and fall into turns unless you gave it power and opposite turn otherwise the turn would just get steeper and dive.
if you see in this video with them set correctly you can gently bank and itll just stay at that bank angle till you turn the other way or increase the bank,
it should be really relaxing to fly but seems abit like your having to actively fly yours?
not running it down i just want you to have maximum fun with it cus takeoffs and landings are mega fun with these microlights and it should almost fly itself

rc flexwing microlight ultralight trike #new video# (4 min 54 sec)

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