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Originally Posted by blade strike View Post
Still don't think the roll is working at all my man.. Look at this quick flight**RAW**, Wind was bad once above the house. Towards the end of video I am hammering the roll and it holds pretty damn well.

All I can say is this combo works very well in windy / dirty air conditions!! Still have some very minor jello, looking forward to trying the new motor Gary!

I would grab a level and then start tuning it; on the bench
Awesome video, Ken. I think the new isolated motor mounts will eliminate that last bit of jello that occasionally appeared, mostly after hard pan movements. Andrey shipped a bunch of the new mounts to me on Monday, so hopefully, those will be here today. I will get them up on the site later today or tomorrow. There will be three variants of these, one set for the 2216 motors, one for the 2814 motors and one set that will work with the F330, F450 and F550 DJI arms. The 2216 and 2814 variants will work for either the Shrimp/Crab frames or the Lobster/King Crab setups.

Ed, I am pretty sure what we do for the F330 will also work for the new Phantoms. Basically, what will be needed to get rid of the jello in the 2.7k mode is isolated motor mounts and some of the same silicon isolators we are using with the gimbal IMS setups. Real simple.

For the F330, we are actually going a step further, and will have a very compact LG and tilt-only setup for the H3B. One thing I've found is that although Mercalli does a great job of removing roll movements, it doesn't do anywhere near as much in the tilt axis. What we hope to try is to use the Naza output just to control the tilt axis. It won't be as smooth as with the HFG board, but the hope is that Mercalli can smooth out the roughness, at least.

There might be more we can do with the Phantom, but we really won't know until they actually start shipping them.

-- Gary
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