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Originally Posted by Husafreak View Post
My RX is removed from a first run of the Parkzone Su26 and it is difficult to get the motor to turn, it seems like I have to play with the sticks for awhile until it starts to work. I am not sure I understand your solution, it sounds like I just have to hold the throttle stick in the low/left rudder position as I power up, but I will go check that now. I haven't flown the little butcher bird yet but she is ready to go and a thing of beauty, just an amazing kit really and really novel, I love it!
In the case of my AR6410L brick, the transmitter is first turned on and the throttle/rudder stick held at the extreme top left of travel, i.e., full throttle and full left aileron after everything has been bound. The manual mistakenly shows it as "Mode 1," but the illustration and the rest of the captions are correct for Mode 2. Have an assistant plug in the receiver battery. The brick's LED will come up solid and blink three times within a few seconds, meaning the switch has been made. I think that I switched mine over by plugging into the board's harness instead of that of the ESC and I haven't had to redo it since. Mine loses its bind to the transmitter every so often, but it's rebinds easily and keeps the throttle control setting.

Hope this helps!
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