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Originally Posted by abenn View Post
I've read here several times about having to jump a fbl heli off the ground, and don't understand it. I was ready for it when I got my first fbl (a T-Rex 550e), but with the MicroBeast fbl unit I found I'm able to lift off slowly, getting a feel for it while it's light on its skids, just like I do with my flybarred 500.
You might do that a hundred times or more with no problem. Then, for whatever reason, you might have the heli try to tip over and you have to be quick on the sticks to stop it. I don't know what the mechanism is - but if your trim is out, the controller will see a command to, say, input right aileron. With the skids on the ground, nothing happens, so the controller tilts the swash further to the right. It's possible that taking off from grass can cause this same kind of effect, if the grass catches on a skid. Even though I mostly fly off tarmac, I still take no chances and lift off more abruptly than I would with a FB heli, and don't dawdle with the heli light on it's skids. It's not as if you have to hold full negative and then go full high collective to spring off the ground. I reckon just one tip over on a 550 could be fairly pricey.
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