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NIgelsheffield and starhopper44 Actually I agree with what you say. I think what I'd MEANT to say was that I've seen quite a few fellow fliers who have all sorts of things programmed into their radios. From memory I think I might have even seen one bloke who only had to flick a certain switch and his plane would perform a perfect roll. With the radio's all programmed, the planes then fly beautifully of course. I still can't remember where and when I saw this but basically it really put me off having anything programmed into my radio.

Since then, I've flown for years steadfastly refusing to have anything programmed in. But more recently I've 'allowed' myself to have exponential etc programmed in and yes, it has really helped.

A few days ago I flew my MM again. Unfortunately there was nobody else around to launch it for me so I gave it a shove myself. Once again I was wary about giving too much throttle but due to this, I gave it too LITTLE throttle and the MM quickly stalled and, as I reacted and gave more welly, flipped and nose dived into the ground.

It was all over in about 3 or 4 seconds.

So now I am going to have some elevator to throttle mix programmed into my radio. I agree it's not cheating.

What I have learned from all this is to just get the MM 'up there' so then I can do the flying bit with far less stress.

By the way, my MM's motor really took the full force of the crash and upon inspection I discovered one of the motors three plastic 'legs' had broken, allowing the motor to move fore and aft/sideways (in other words it was all over the place). I re-glued it using Araldite 24 hour and it's much firmer now.

I've run the motor but there's now a slight 'grating' sound coming from the motor.

I'm gonna fly it anyway. If the motor goes belly up, then it'll be time to invest in a new motor.
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