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Smething to think about:
My most valuable "tool" is the chair I sit in at my work benches. It is an el-cheapo, armless, seat height adjustable, office chair with castors. I've been using it for different purposes since 1991 and specifically in the work shop since 2002. Still works very well. I save steps because I can easily roll around to grab tools and stuff I use most. I have two of the sit-down height work benches (described below) in a back-to-back arrangement so I can just spin around in my chair and have access to other work items; maybe building a fuse on one bench and a wing on the other.

Because any of us can/will spend mega-hours in the shop, standing all the time just sounds tiring and makes my feet hurt. So, I made three pair of sawhorse trestles at the right seated height to support 16" wide by 72" long torsion box building boards. That's where most of my work takes place.

I like the long, narrow building boards, in part, because the actual building area I need doesn't have to be very deep. I'd probably just stack junk and trash on the unused work surface anyway. In addition, having three sets of trestles and building boards allows some re-arrangement flexibility not available with one, big table.

I also made a standing height, down draft table for the scroll saw, mini-table saw, belt/disc sander, and dremel stand. For safety and maneuverability, I like to stand when using power tools. And, of course, that's where most of the dust is generated, hence the down draft table.

If I were to start a new workshop from scratch (and have the $$ to do a great job), I'd still use sitting height work surfaces for all of the tasks where I spend long-hours.
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