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The Aurduino 1.0 version had some major code changes that will cause errors when trying to compile. No worries about hardware... just breaks the code. Here is a post I made about it on FPVUK.

Just a heads up to those using the OpenLRS and the various codes (including thUndead's mods - which ROCK btw! ) that loading these into the new release of Arduino 1.0 will cause some things to break . Most users are running Arduino 0.22.

In summary, I had to change all the "Wire.send" to "Wire.write" and change "Wire.receive" to "". Also, the "Serial.print" function changed so that it prints individual decimal values. This caused the transparent telemetry function to break as it would send out individual decimal values for each character of ASCII. I changed it to "Serial.write" on both ends and it works great.

Cut and Paste of applicable release notes for Aurduino 1.0


* Serial transmission is now asynchronous - that is, calls to
Serial.print(), etc. add data to an outgoing buffer which is transmitted
in the background. Also, the Serial.flush() command has been repurposed
to wait for outgoing data to be transmitted, rather than dropping
received incoming data.

* The behavior of Serial.print() on a byte has been changed to align it
with the other numeric data types. In particular, it will now print
the digits of its argument as separate ASCII digits (e.g. '1', '2', '3')
rather than a single byte. The BYTE keyword has been removed. To send a
single byte of data, use Serial.write() (which is present in Arduino 0022
as well).

* The Wire library has also been modified to use the standard read() and
write() functions instead of send() and receive(). You can also use
print() and println() for outgoing data.
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