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first, let me -shortly- introduce myself.
I started flying electric gliders when I was 14. With limited success. Years later I re-started with an EPP model, which is more tolerant to failures ;-) But my time was too limited. In the meantime I played around with an indoor Coax-Heli (these 100$ things) for a while, which was good fun.
Regarding programming, OSS, I have some exerience, not too much.
Also, I know what an UART, PWM and PID is, quite well. So, I have some prerequisites, I think.

I must admit, that I did not read all >3089 posts in this thread, but I did browse through all 255 pages searching for some keywords -without the answer I was searching for. So please allow the questions below, even if they might seem straight forward to you.

I bought the following components (ebay, used):
Flyduino MEGA Flight Controller CPU Board
Citrus-IMU V2.1 – 10DOF
Flydusense V1.2 Sensor Bob
Flyduino FMP04 GPS Bob
FMP04 GPS Modul
Together with motors, ESC, a frame and props to build a quad.
Due to the nature of this buy, I did not have the opportunity to select the parts myself -but on the bright side: I did not have to select them myself.

But now: What software do I use with it? The Manual of the Flyduino Mega speaks of the MultiWII, but browsing through the forums, I see, that Multi is somewhat lacking GPS features and is more made for manual flying. Well, I want to do both, so I don't know whether MultiWii is the right software. speaks of Ardupirates and -possibly in future Aeroquad as alternatives.

I've been searching over and over.. But I find little about Flyduino with these.
What I did find was a tutorial for flyduino with Megapirates.
But then, I see little activity at Megapirates google-site. On the contrary, I see MegapirateNG, which could be a successor ("NG"). But the website does not state this. Unfortunately it also does not say that is compatible with the flyduino -although in some forums, people seem to be reporting about this combination.

Could you please shed some light on this subject?

What Software is
  • usable with the flyduino
  • reccomended for just flying
  • recommended for waypoint navigation etc
  • reccommended for the combination
  • outdated and not further developed
  • in relation to what software (like Megapirates seems to be a fork of ardupirates)

Thanks a lot and merry christmas (to those of you, celebrating it ;-),
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