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I put mine up in the air a few minutes ago to test it LOS with the stock firmware. I laid the antenna flat parallel to the plane to see if I could discover low signal behaviour LOS (I've got pretty good eyesight and can (just) see my Bixler to about 600m). At about 400m I noticed the motor cutting in and out occasionally. Also, the servo response time was fairly slow, but good enough to control the plane. No noise from the tx.

I brought it in and set the antenna vertical. This time I flew out as far as I could see (about 600m) and the motor stayed constant. I'm not 100% sure, but the servos seemed to be a little slower.

I'm 50/50 about sticking this on for FPV just yet. I think I want to know audibly about signal strength loss like you get with FrSky. Either way, it works well enough for the next phase of testing, but keen to hear other people's experiences...
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