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Upgrade to BeastX phase 1

Upgrade to BeastX phase 1

Okay so phase one is the BeastX with the 2801-pro as the RX/TX. This way i will have a accurate comparison between the the two and weather or not i see any downfalls to the 2801 or not. Besides the physical "feel" of the sticks. I do much prefer my Spektrum DX8. Phase two will be with a Spektrum remote receiver when I get one. Completing the full conversion to Spektrum/BeastX.

I didn't get any patch cords for the ÁBeast, from where i bought it, to plug into the RX. It did however come with the adapter for a Spektrum remote receiver though. I had to make my own patch cables up for the RX. NOT A PROBLEM! Walkera has provided me with handfuls of used or burnt out servos. THANKS WALKERA! So, i simply cut a few of those wires and soldered them together. Everything went well. The install is completed and i have done a few test hovers and minor tuning in my driveway. It felt good once i got it tuned a little bit. But it's still a little hard to really do anything with or fly around much in my drive way. I won't know more till i get out to the field. I'm sure i'll have to do more tuning and some mechanical tweeking. I think my heli had some vibes coming from the cheap FRP blades that the uBeast didn't like. So i balanced some mis-matched orphan blades and test flew those. Since i couldn't seem to fix the FRP set. The mis-matched, now balanced set were a little better. So I will try to give it a test flight tomorrow at the field or park. More info and probably video when i can.
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