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The wheels touch down FIRST??
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LoL@ "Chipmunk parts rained down across the field"

It's only ever funny when it happens to someone else, huh? ~L

The Stick didn't even notice it had hit something - just had that minor ding on the port wing. It kept right on flying, as if nothing had happened.

The Edge, on the other hand, sh'it itself. Bigtime.

It was doing a knife-edge flying in the opposite direction to the Stick, which was just doing passes to and fro. It’s a new super-slow Stick one of the locals hand-built – big chunky airfoil on it to allow nice, slow cruising.

Destiny intervened, and they both tried to share the same piece of sky at the same time. And we all know how that usually turns out

Made a really nice (((THWACK))) when they hit. The impact egg-shelled the Edge's starboard wing, caved it in, then ripped it clean off. Nothing the pilot could apart from tighten his sphincter and watch helplessly as it spiralled down into a nose-first meeting with the ground.

Scratch one Edge…

Re your location – you’ve got to be kidding. –30F? Nah… pass, thanks. I’ve been in ~30C in Europe. Naff that – my bloody breath instantly froze and fell to the ground and shattered

I looked at your on-board, then Googled East Bethel, MN. I saw a big building in your vid, and I took a punt that it might be the one on the corner of Geenbrook and Hwy 22. Close, but no cigar. LoL.

4 acres with a 2 acre mow, huh? That’d keep you busy – but then again, nothing to mow when there’s nothing but snow

Lovely neck of the woods you’re in up there, mate.

Probably the wrong side of 20deg C for me – but you must have a helluva spectacular Christmas with all that snow around

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