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Mine is glued together and the motor and servo installation is starting. No hitches in the basic assembly work.

Some hints:
1. There are three different lengths of screw for the control horns: long for rudder, medium for elevator and slightly shorter for aileron. The back plate goes on with the bumps into the foam. Don't tighten too much or you'll squash the foam.

2. The spar joiners are shorter than the available space inside the spars. I wanted to make sure they were centered, so first stuck some masking tape in the middle and marked the center, then assembled everything and determined how far they should go into one wing. Then I epoxied them into that wing, making assembly a little later very easy. The wing was a perfect fit into the fuselage.

3. Follow the directions carefully regarding where and how to apply the glue. And spread it really thinly. I weighed my parts before and after assembly (including the stab) and the epoxy only added 10g to the total weight.

4. The stab required a bit of sanding and filing of the notch in the LE and the corresponding part in the fin to allow it to move far enough forward to get the fit just right. I also lightly sanded all parts of the stab that would be glued. Make sure the top part of the fin is tightly pressed down on the top of the stab and the fin is aligned at the rear.

5. Don't attach the mounting plate to the motor until you have used it to mark where the pilot holes for the screws will be. It's MUCH easier this way! (This assumes you are using the standard 2810-09 motor). By the way, I notice this version has a flush back, unlike the ones we had when the Polaris XL came out, which had a collar sticking out.

6. I weighed the two wing panels separately and they were about 10g different. This is not unusual for a foam model, but it does suggest checking the lateral balance when the model is finished and adding a few grams in one wingtip if needed.

So far, no problems.
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