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Thanks Guys! Yep I`m very excited by the results yesterday. This little jet as exceeded my expectations. It`s easy to build, the fan and esc can be easily serviced, and once it`s dialed in, it`s very easy to fly at high speeds.

It`s also a very flexible design. Here is a short list of it`s development stages....

1) First it started as a foam 1oz profile pusher jet on 1s and about 10w. Also flew it on 2s at about 2oz weight and maybe 70w. On 1s it would have been nice indoor performance, on 2s it was great in winds up to about 10mph and had unlimited vertical

2) Then I built a full bodied foam 2s edf with the stock Sky Angle fan/motor/ 6a esc.

3) The above airframe was beefed up and fitted with 3s 360mah 25c lipos and a 12a esc.
This one was clocked ay 79mph

4) This same airframe was pushed to the limit (I think) with a few runs on 4s 360mah cells. The speed increased to about 88mph, but the motor failed after about 4 flights.

5) Then I decided push for 100mph with 4s power, an 18a esc and a rewound motor
capable of over 200w. To fit the power system, I enlarged the airframe slightly and used balsa to build it.
I felt that balsa was needed for it`s extra strength and stiffness. This is the setup that just did 109mph.

I guess the point is that the basic design is very flexible and anyone interested in building one can tailor the building material and power system to match their desired performance level.
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