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Do you know what kind of sensors are installed in this multiwii (baro, gyro, acc)?Where did you buy it?

Originally Posted by Gregco10 View Post
Hey all, Thanks to the help of this forum I have successfully set up and flown a quad and a tri. The tri I just finished has a Crius se that came with v1.9 and I flashed to 2.1 and defined tri sucessfully. The quad is my original build, still with v1.9. These are pics of the board in question.

Attachment 5393317
Attachment 5393318

What I would like to do is flash this to v2.1 to take advantage of the new features. To my understanding all I need to do is in the config.h, define the quad x, and the type of board. And in Arduino set the board at Duemilanove W/Atmega328, this worked for the tri.
Is this correct and what is this type of board? How do you define it in the Arduino when you flash to 2.1? Is there anything else I should do? It looks similiar but is not the same as the crius

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Just some pics of the fleet
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