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I just got mine X4 and I'm trying to charge new NiCd at 0.1 but calculations say I need 588 minutes for this 700mah pack. The 4X keeps timing out at 120 minutes. Manual says you can adjust the time but doesn't tell you how. "Additionally the user can set the maximum amount of charging time." (page 5). Then on page 10 the flow chart shows "Safety Timer Setting" that can be turned on/off and set the time - but I've never seen that screen when going through the setup options. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance.
The charger uses a Delta Peak detection system to determine the termination of the charge. Being that, you need to charge the battery a faster rate. A 700 mah pack should be charged between 400-700 mah. You could charge faster, up to 1 amp depending on the manufacturer of the cells. Being a 700 mah, I would recommend you charge it at 400-500 mah.

Slow charging a nicad or nimh at C/10 (700/10= 70 mah) for 18-20 hours is the proper way to formation charge a new battery. I do not believe the X4 has the ability to disable the Delta Peak settings.
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