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Originally Posted by Whopis View Post
Most gimbals come in one of two varieties. Either (1) the roll and pitch axes use servos with pots (either internal or external) and the yaw axis, if it exists, uses a continuous rotation or potless servo or (2) all three axes use continuous rotation, potless servos.

In case (2) the HoverflyGIMBAL should be mounted so that it moves with the camera tray - it should be mounted below the yaw, roll, and pitch servos.

However, if the servos are continuous rotation, then you can not send a signal to move the servo to a particular position - you can only control its speed of rotation. So the sensor (gimbal board) must be mounted so that it moves when the servo moves.
Has anyone ever run a servo without pots and the controller mounted to the camera tray? I am looking at using the tppacks gimbal with no pots but modifying the tilt servo for 360 rotation.

Of course this introduces another complication. What happens with the controller under the camera tray but only the tilt servo is pot-less, the roll servo will be unmodified?
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