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Successful Speed Session

I just got back from flying with Darren and his buddy George. Darren had a rough day with both of his fast prop jets having tech issues, but he hung out and helped me get some good video of the Nano S.

I flew it 5 times, 3 on 3s and 2 times on 4s. The 4s flights are on Darren`s phone, so he`ll post those when he gets time, but here`s one of the 3s flights. I`ve just checked it with RC Speedo and can only get a reading on a few of the final passes of the flight, when the batts were getting low. Even so, I`m getting 87mph upwind at 2:03 and 113mph downwind at 2:14, for an average of 100mph

If that`s the case, I`m pretty sure that some of the earlier passes would average even higher for the first official sub 40mm edf to break the 100mph barrier. I`ll be pretty happy if that is verified by Doppler. BTW the temp at the time (aprox 1:30 pm in Farmers Branch, Texas) was 63F.

But then I decided to go for broke and try this 6 turn motor on 4s. I wasn`t sure that it would hold up, but I got in two 4s flights and the motor still runs, although the windings are pretty dark.

On the first 4s flight one of the cells seemed to be weak, because it was faster, but not as fast as I had expected. On the final flight of the day, everything came together for some very fast passes, and yes, the motor still runs .

My seat of the pants guess is that it is in the 110mph range, maybe just a little more. It will be interesting to see how the results shake out.

There are still a few things that I can do to clean up the airframe and get a little more speed, and of course it needs an efflux tube. So maybe I can crowd that 120mph mark before it maxes out.

Nanospot on 3s (2 min 37 sec)
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