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Originally Posted by Cralis View Post
My Solopro 270 is basically useless since I got it. Won't go forwards fast at all. Infact, won't really go forwards, unless I am turning. Is there a fix?
Check if the links between and swash and head are on the longest balls, I've seen some 270s being shipped with the links on the shorter balls, reducing swash action. Also, check if you don't have excess vertical play on the main shaft, if you you, part of the servo movement when going forward, is being used to pull the shaft down before the swash starts moving.

Originally Posted by dywanesko View Post
hello. im into this topic since it started, and i havent seen a reply for my question:
When im adding the throttle, the engine starts when the throttle is 7%. Is it normal?? or can i fix it somehow? My friend has a Trex100, and it is running smoothly from the 1% throttle.

The second thing is, that i have equiped my 270A with xtreme parts, and i must say it is more stable, and the flybar more more persistent. And the good thing about it is the abillity of changing weight on it, so with the full weight it gains stability during the outside flying.
The throttle curve on the J4 transmitter is a little odd. It goes to hover rpm pretty fast, then reduces the response for the middle section of the throttle stick's movement, and then the response gets faster as throttle is increased. It's not as linear as on the 260. Benefit is, it's easier to maintain altitude as the throttle is less twitchy around hover rpm, but as a result it's less smooth above and below hover rpm.
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