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Originally Posted by limodune View Post
Boeing 777-200 Reg G-MML made its first successful B1 flight today after several previous unsuccessful take off attempt's.
Flying into a strong cross wind, on it's third attempted take off today it to took to the air and had a successful flight, the pilot remarked after landing (quote) once it was in the air it was a piece of cake to fly

I believe it could have taken off first attempt if it could have gone straight into the wind and used all the run way, I used about 2/3 from L to R of the run way, wind was coming in 70*-90* to the strip, I am using the 5 blade 70mm edf's and 3200kv motors left over from my a320, it draws 34amps and 510wts in the nacelles with a 3300 30-40c 4s battery, I am now going to add flaps, that should help a lot with take off

Now I have flown it I am happy, after looking at the previous video's I thought it may have been a little tail heavy, also I may have been to aggressive with the elevator and another pilot may have had a successful take off, so I moved the battery forward about 1/4'' or so, pulled back the elevator to 80% also opened up the inlet and exit on the nacelles a bit more to match the over sized edf, I did not get a video of it flying though it was on, I must have moved the camera during the 3-4 times of on and off, just got a video of the sky

Good to hear of the maiden Mike- I was getting frustrated just watching those painfully long takeoffs. I ordered mine a few days ago and can't wait to get it. I am so tempted just to fly it stock as I want a new daily flyer, but watching everyone's videos, I believe I can get the ground roll down to half with full span (scale) fowler flaps using stock power.

Obviously my two 737s are a touch overpowered and relatively heavy, but the flaps make it leap off the ground. I've got those ground runs to 1/3 stock. (With apologies for putting 737 stuff on the 777 thread)

Compare this takeoff run (with flaps):
MVI 2073 (1 min 36 sec)

To these takeoff runs (no flaps):
windrider 737.wmv (8 min 38 sec)

If I can mod the B777 well with flaps, I'll do another YouTube tutorial.
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