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Originally Posted by Bryan's Flyin View Post
Okay Gentleman, here it is............... I call it the Armattan "-BF510- Squid" edition. Why? Because it looks kinda like a Squid and I am a retired Squid of 22 years US Navy.

Many thanks to Chris again. I think it looks cool as hell. The whole idea with the bent arms was to raise them up out of a cameras view, like a GoPro.

These are the pics Chris emailed me a few days ago. The last pic, Chris sat a CNC 355 on top of the Squid for size comparison. I think the Squid is a 510mm.

So what do you think?
Nice. Has FPV possibilities. Kuddos to the Laser-person .. I ran a 1,500w Misti 20 ago .. cutting aluminum was one of the worst for inside edge dross .. very well done .. pass it on The offset will ameliorate standing waves from motor/prop vibrations, and 510mm is about nominal size for an equipped FPV aircraft .. jmho.

Thank you for your service brother .. I guess you'll do your Squid in battleship grey? How about doing Alodine or Iridite with clearcote and call her Goldie Seriously, I could see maybe puttin' 4 MT4008's on this puppie with some nice 3 blade MA props. Next thing ya know .. will grow two more arms ehh .. LOL

Very well done gentlemen .. six pages to go
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