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Oh yeah? I'm older than dirt. I'm so old, it took me almost half a minute to figure out what you whippersnappers were talking about. "OF".

Kid today have it so easy.... quadcopters, FPV, $5 brushless motors... When I was your age, we had to make our planes out of STICKS that we found in the woods, and whittle them into shape using old butter knives. We'd glue the sticks into a plane using horse-hide cement that sure didn't rot OUR brains! Then we would cover the model using toilet paper and spit, and make a motor out of a rubber-band that we made out of an old bicycle inner-tube (what in hell is an inner tube?) and launch the model into the wind after school. Then the thing would fly out of sight and land in old Mr Anderson's tree across town, and when we went to retrieve it he would grab us and force us to lick his fence-posts clean with our tongues! But you try to tell kids today about how hard this hobby used to be, and they won't believe ya.
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