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Originally Posted by T3PRanch View Post
A 2650 35C to 70C 3S battery would be capable of 92.75A steady state and 185.5A in burst so it should be OK for any flying of this craft because full throttle use is limited to very brief usage. Thurmond
Originally Posted by Creepy1 View Post
The formula I believe is..
1.2/1.5 x Max Amp Draw = Recommended ESC Amp Size

I'm running 1800kv's with a max draw of 16.6a each with 20a esc's.

1.2/1.5 x 16.6 = 19.92/24.90

Not sure if this is good for my esc's but I have had no issues with lack of power, or heat.
This is all great information guys! It's snowing like all get-out right now so no flying today but if there's time later tonight I'll see if I can get the 45C battery contacts soldered up and give it a ride tomorrow. It's funny, I was dreaming about the Armattan last night. I was flying over a busy highway and got stuck flying too low across the lanes and had to weave through traffic. I managed to avoid the cars but crashed into a parking lot on the other side. I busted 2 arms, lost the KK2 board,couldn't find the battery and all the props were trashed. It was the kind of nightmare where you wake up in a cold sweat.
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