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Originally Posted by Creepy1 View Post
Fail safe feature is for nitro planes I believe.
Subscribed ..

Fail safe is a feature that can be used on almost any aircraft with an appropriate FC if your Rx looses signal. If equiped with GPS, the next step up would be RTH .. Return To Home. Example .. climb to 400 feet AGL (requires baro .. clear trees and obstacles) .. fly back home to GPS origin point .. programmed descent to LZ, or more elegantly, descend until ultrasonic transducer(s) senses ground proximity, and lands "softly".

For you acrobatics guys .. Fail safe is not Crashing to begin with I noted some pages back in this thread that Chris mentioned developing an FPV aircraft family .. doesn't require a 6 x thrust to weight ratio So .. still reading patiently page 38 of 50 .. hehehe. For acrobatics, it's assumed that you are always LOS .. or else why do it .. right? But for FPV, the bells and whistles are all part of your upgrade path if you migrate to that endeavor. Failing all else, if you have OSD (On Screen Display) telemetry and have a catastrophic failure (bird strike .. hunter .. lightning .. battery dropped out) you would have the last known GPS coordinates for aircraft recovery. I believe that the current record for multi-rotor FPV is 22km.

I am sincerely impressed with the first 38 pages here .. with the products, reviews, and certainly the productive and prompt dialog. I've bought 15 quads from BG .. so this is quite refreshing You are one busy guy over there Chris .. my hat's off to you for staying as organized as you are amigo.

Got another 12 pages to read .. my .02, for you hot-rodders, the black cnc arms will provide better heat-sinking for your motors and esc's. A few extra bucks for a nickel acetate seal .. a worthy investment .. jmho.

Kuddos Chris ..
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