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Hi Geoff

Excellent write up. I spent a number of hours and lots of foam years ago just manually adjusting the Max/Min relationship trying to get it work across the entire range I don't recall but my Range was not as great as yours, 3.2 Max to maybe 2 or 2.5. Anything much greater than 2.5 would basically defeat the purpose of this option.

I emailed Gilles what am I doing wrong. Gilles answered, "sure, it's an approximation" :-)

So without doing all your nice Excel graphs I came to in a round about way that yup, it's a linear issue and can't be done. Only Gilles knows how the programming is done. If linear though, just maybe Gilles could use your Graph for a non-linear solution though I bet that is easier said than done.

1. Down load the latest version. After years of harping Gilles just changed the description to "Variable Heat" control. Many think since they have GMFC or the Computer controlling the heat they MUST check this box. Unchecked you get a single speed/heat/ & kerf(s) value and GMFC still uses it.

2. The value of this Option is for a slower machine to allow GMFC to cut your project as fast as the machine can do. Excellent for production guys but for the Hobby guy as few lost minutes cutting is OK.

If you look at the motors and Pitch of RCWorks machine above, he will be hard pressed to get a Speed Error as that machine will be very fast yet he too will be cutting foam around a 3.5 mm/s Max, so lots of speed "over-head" available if needed. That machine should be capable of , wild guess 400 + mm/s.

3. Your solution would be the same as I did on my old slower machine 3.7 Max. Uncheck the box and set up one or even two more Foam Types using your gathered info.

Best since you are "close" would be to leave it GMFC for reference. Duplicate ( copy ) as New Foam type and then uncheck the box. Keep it around, you can use it to see just how fast your machine can in fact cut a new project. You have say set up 3 Foam Types, 3.3, 2.5 & 1.5 mm/s. Select the Variable Heat and GMFC says it can cut this Project at 2.9mm/s, then select your 2.5 speed and have at it. You second panel says 2.3mm/s so choose your 1.5mm/s to cut that one. Takes longer but you know they will match up.

Then what are you cutting? A Foamie combat wing, then your C) answer would apply. :-) .2 off when it's going to be taped all over , get a life. :-) The two half span panels cut at the same speed will match up. ah, but now you are doing a 3 panel DLG, "tain't gonna" happen. Cut at different speeds most likely it will be wrong and you wont' need Digital Calipers to tell you that when you match em up. Here we are trying for perfection in matching up AND accurate.

So I would add
d) Uncheck the box and set up at least one slower speed though 3 total would be nice to have.

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